Waterproof erasable ReO pen


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The black inked ReO marker with its round and medium tip is suitable for erasable surfaces such as whiteboards or our round labels to tag food containers. This pen is perfect for writing on freezer bags, boxes you usually put into the freezer but also for writing on plastic, glass, metal, cardboard, etc ... The fast drying ink of this pen is resistant to frost and water. Writing can be removed using surgical alcohol or rubbing alcohol.

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  • ReO felt tip: 1 mm
  • Weight: 0.05 kg
  • Tip: round


  • Evie buys her seasonal fruits and vegetables, then freezes them for a long period of time.To remember what is in tupperwares and plastic bags, she uses the ReO pen to write details such as the date, the quantity or the content, which she can then erase with alcohol.
  • Patrick is a great cook. He had specialized in preparing baby jars when his eldest started dietary diversification, and had discovered with joy the erasable round labels from Ludilabel. He intends to reuse those labels for the new baby coming. But, his pen has dried, he poorly closed it. Fortunately, he can redeem it!
  • Courntey buys her groceries in bulk and stores everything in glass jars. She notes with a beautiful writing the jar content using the ReO pen, not to confuse salt and sugar! And if she ever wants to change (no more red lentils, let's replace it with bulgur), a little stroke of solvent or alcohol and writing is gone!
  • Peter bought a Ludibox for his daughter Ciara school snack, and made it an habit to leave a different cute message on the rewritable card of the snack box. With the ReO pen, the little word stays intact in the school bag until the next morning!


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