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About us

The idea behind Ludilabel's online shop !

Sandrine Julien Rouquié fondatrice de Ludilabe

We have created a gorgeous innovative labeling designs to identify both adults’ and children’s clothing and belongings in places where many people are sharing the same space, such as creche, day care, day camp, schools, sports clubs, care facilities and retirement homes...

Each year the same mendatory ritual occurs for parents of children who are starting creche, school, taking school trips or heading off to summer camp: they are instructed to label all of their children’s clothing and belongings clearly with a name. As a young busy mother of two girls, I couldn’t think of taking out my sewing box and attach the handmade labels like our grandmothers and mothers used to do with a big smile days after days untill all the clothing are tagged.  And what about school supplies ? How much time would I have needed to spend messing around with paper and sticky tape to make crafty name labels for their colour pencils? So I decided to go and search for a new product that would be easy to attach, cute and fashionable, customizable online and that could resist to washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and microwave. After many tries and tests, our name labels were ready for production in 2011.

And that is how LUDILABEL's online shop was born :)

Sandrine Jullien-Rouquié

 Why shopping with Ludilabel ?

Quality and Innovation

All of our name labels are delivered with clear instructions. They do not contain any substances that are harmful to your health and they comply with all current European standards. We have made all our stickers plastic-coated to guarantee an exceptional durability when suject to friction and perspiration. Ludilabel is the exclusive retailer of the trademarked product Ludisticks: these clothing stickers are applied to the garment’s brand, care or composition label and are washing machine and tumble dryer safe. That means no more sewing or ironing for parents.

Famous characters and gorgeous designs

Our strengh is to work with the best designers and illustrators to make beautiful designs that embelish your name labels. We regularly add new designs made by our talented designers to our collections. We also work with the companies behind your children favorites characters like Sanrio's Hello Kitty or Mr Men & Little Miss. Our catalog offers you the best name label designs ! So gorgeous, colorful and fun, everyone is loving it! We have collections for every ages every style!

Customer service

We do our best to satisfy our customers and we are committed to answer your queries as quickly as possible. Our customer support can be reached all working days from Monday to Friday by email: Our products are shipped worldwide free of charge via priority airmail. More details about delivery are available here.

Other Information 

The following URL and website "" and the LUDILABEL brand are the trademarked property of SJR Labels. For more information, please read our legal information or our general terms of sales & delivery.


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