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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the shipping costs and delivery times?

Good news ! Delivery are free of charge on all our products worldwide for customers selecting standard shipment. You can also choose for more delivery options. Your order is made within 48H/72H as soon as we receive the payment confirmation and are dispatch right after manufacturing and packing. Every order placed before 2pm on working day will be shipped the same day. For more detailled information about time and options (tracking, express delivery etc...), read this page : shipment costs and methods.

What are the different solutions for placing an order?

Using our website

Your are reading from our online shop whose URL address is  This is our online service to enable you to know more about our prices, offers, and you will able to create a free preview of your name labels design before checking out easy and fast. 

By post:

Send us your duly completed order form together with a check for the amount due payable to LUDILABEL to the following address: LUDILABEL, 26 rue de la Colombette 31000 Toulouse, France.

By phone or Fax

Call us at 33 (0)5 34 66 11 23 from Monday to Friday (on working day), from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. except french public holidays. Fax us a duly completed order form at +33 (0)9 72 26 98 77 then mail us a check for the amount due payable to LUDILABEL to the following address: LUDILABEL, 26 rue de la Colombette 31000 Toulouse, France.

What are the available payment methods ?

Payment can be made using the following bank cards : VISA, CB, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and using the following payment gateway(s): Paypal. We also accept check, in this case your oder will be dispatched just after receiption and validation of the check. You can also make a Bank Transfer from your bank account. In this case, if your order out of France, you would have to make an international money order. Order will be dispatched just after payment confirmation.

For more detailled information on payment methods (CC, PAYAPL, CHECK BANK TRANSFER), please read carefully our general terms of sale and delivery here.

Can I have my order dispatched to an address different from my own?

Certainly. Simply add an new delivery address in the address book on your account and just select it when confirming your order. If your order as a guest just type the delivery address in the right fields it when confirming your order. If shipment is for you and must be delivered to a family member, a friend, a company : don't forget to write the name of the person whom name or the company whose name are clearly written on mail box or front door. Ex: Violette Harcourt c/o Madeleine Belmont, at EVOLIS'offices N°232 Saint-Honoré street 75001 Paris.

Is it safe to checkout using my bank card credentials?

We have entrusted our bank card purchasing system to the international payment solution Lyra which guarantees secure payment using bank card, debit card and credit cards.  When checking out with Paypal your bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards are securely encrypt by Paypal, ready for when you shop. Furthermore, only the bank card or credit card organisation has access to your bank details. We work with one of the best payment solution to secure your transaction on our website.

Can I remove iron-on name tags?

You may wish to remove your iron-on name tags when passing clothes from one child to the next because garments are too small for the eldest, or maybe you want to give clothing items away to offer or to sell.. in this event you can use complicated methods to remove the iron-on labels. Remember they are made to last years and to be firmly attached, it's almost impossible to remove them and leave the fabric clean. Our advice when you need to pass a clothing item anyway is to use our stick-on name labels, read more about Ludistick, easy to attach, easy to remove.

Can I order a pocket book with different drawings or names on each labels?

In light of our production workflow and system of a pocket book, only one design (name and art) is possible per ordered preview. Our advice if you do not want to make two name labels preview, is to type on the text field, the familly NICKNAME/SURNAME so that one single pocket book can be used for several members of the family. 

The order you received does not match the product ordered?

It really depends on the product type. Only non personalized products are covered by a possibility of return and refund. For personalized product (name labels...), you should read carefully our General Terms of Sales for more information about our Return Policy.

I'Can I stick the Ludisticks stickers directly onto the clothes?

No you can't, the Ludistick sticker will not resist either the washing machine or the tumble drier. The Ludistick sticker must be stuck on clothes fabric composition, care or brand label only.

Why can't i validate my account?

When you receive the validation email, simply click the link that is provided. Sometimes automatically-generated emails such as the one containing your validation link/code are accidentally blocked by your email program or are incorrectly considered "spam" by your email provider. Please be sure to check your email's spam folder for the LUDILABEL validation email. To request a new validation link/code, please click on the provided link. You can just click on the validation link to valdiate. But if you apply your code, we recommend that you copy and paste it instead of typing it in by hand. If your validation link/code does not show up, email us with the email address that you used to sign up for your account and we'll manually validate your account for you.

I have lost the anti-adhesive paper, how do I apply my iron-on labels?

You can use baking paper or greaseproof paper. The result will be the same.

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