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These rounded name stickers are perfect to personalize every items used on a daily basis. They are highly resistant to dish washer up to 90° C., to microwaves oven and to freezer. Use these labels to tag any items with first name and last name of the owner. But you can also have the function of the object written on them. Apply them on any smooth clean surfaces like plastics, metal, glass, cards, paper...

Let's personalize your labels!

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Each label can be personalized individually, one by one! You can tag the name of all the children at once. No more lost items that never come back to you. No more items switched by mistake ! Choose one color from the color palette and one illustration to apply on a label. 

What's great about this multi-personalization labels ?

  • different names in one set of labels.
  • different illustrations in one set of labels.
  • assign a unique drawing to each child.
  • pick a unique color for each label.

How customers use our labels ?

  • Shirley buys her spices in bulk, and she stores them in small glass jars that she places on a shelf. She ordered 17 labels, in different colors, with the names of the spices to identify her little pots.
  • Siobhan is a daycare director. Many children have their clothes already identified by their parents, but not all baby bottles are. For reasons of practicality and hygiene, she decides to order 3 personalized stickers per child enrolled in the nursery, to tag the bottles and the learning cup with their first names. Among a large selection of illustrations, she chose a pirate ship for Hippolyte, Rufus get a cactus, Alan get a little owl, Malika get a pretty fox .... This facilitates a lot the daily management of meals for childminders, because these personalized stickers can go to the dishwasher! This simple baby bottle sticker help nursery staff saving time.

  • Kevin is organizing a big party for his birthday, after his vacation in Mexico: he decided to make it the theme of the evening. Thirty friends answered positively to the invitation. Kevin made a round sticker illustrated with a cactus and the name or nickname of each of his guests to tag the cups. He did well, everyone can find his drink easily during the evening, even at the home made Mexican cocktail bar!
    Marina and Idriss are getting married this summer, and the theme is "blue". Marina wants to make place markers for each guest, so she apply the guest name labels on small favor jars full with sugared almonds. Each table is a shade of blue: she makes a hundred personalized stickers with all guests names, on a blue background, from light to dark according to the tables color. You won't spend hours to write the names by hand, in a blink of an eye, a round sticker is applied a jar!


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The sticker must be applied on a clean, dry and relatively smooth surface. Wait at least 24 hours before placing in the dishwasher, freezer, bottle-warmer, etc. Check that your labels are firmly attached before giving the objects / clothing to a young child.

Caution : be sure your labels are firmly attached to clothes and objects before giving them to young children.

What makes our clients happy?
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format A wide range of sizes and shapes
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