Personalized Iron-on Name Labels to tag and identify clothes

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A bestseller item to apply name tags on clothing!

These personalized iron-on name labels for clothing are designed to last many years and have been tested over more than 50 washing cycles. Applying is easy and fast with an iron for only 10 to 15 secondes. By ironing our personalised iron-on labels, your children's uniforms, school jackets, and sports kit can be identified easily and efficiently. You will able to tag pretty much everything suitable that belong to babies, children and adults : all garments, towels, scarfs, gloves, hats, sport wears...  A large range of colors and illustrations are available to customize your labels.

You can also use our printed labels to tag and identify clothes of people living in communities (retirement homes, senior residences, creche, boarder and residential school...) with your name or wording of your choice.

Two different sizes available:

Small Label Kit - Dimenssion 25x11mm:

  • From 36 to 360 iron-on name labels (Dimension:  25x11mm )

Several lots of your choice at degressive pricing:

  • 36 name labels = 6,90 € making 0,19€ per label
  • 72 name labels = 12,50 € making 0,17€ per label
  • 216 name labels = 20 € making 0,09€ per label
  • 360 name labels = 27,50 € making 0,07€ per label

Big Label Kit - Dimension 38x12mm:

  • From 24 to 240 iron-on name labels (Dimension:  38x12mm )

Several lots of your choice at degressive pricing:

  • 24 name labels = 6,90 € making 0,29€ per label
  • 48 name labels = 12,50 € making 0,26€ per label
  • 144 name labels = 20 € making 0,14€ per label
  • 240 name labels = 27,50 € making 0,11€ per label

If you have a big family or at least two children, you may consider making multiple personalizations at once. In this case we have the perfect product to easily customize as much labels as you need with different names, different colors, different illustrations for each...  Try out this product using our multi-personalizations tool.


Our iron-on name labels resist in the washing machine and tumble drier up to 90°C. Could last up to 10 years !  These iron-on name labels won't come unstuck even in the washing machine and tumble dryer.  

Personalization Tips

  • 2 lines. Maximum 16 characters per line including spaces. One name per pack or per item.


Shipping fees are offered from 9£ of purchase (except lunchboxes and water bottle) and packages are shipped within 24/48 hours worldwide. To get more details on delivery, click here. Our name labels are packaged in a convenient pocket book with instructions inside then slipped into an envelope to be delivered directly in your letter box.


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Iron-On Labels for clothes

  • Remove the iron-on label from its backing and place it on the clothing item in the desired area, avoiding elasticated zones.
  • Protect the label with the anti-adhesive paper provided, folded in two.
  • Apply strong pressure using your iron WITHOUT STEAM (160°C, cotton setting) for 10 to 15 seconds without rubbing.
  • Let the anti-adhesive paper cool before removing. Your label is now attached!

WARNING: It is important for the temperature of the iron to be sufficiently high and to leave the iron on the item of clothing for at least 10 seconds for the application to be successful.

  • Please also ensure that the iron is not too hot and that the application is not too long as this will damage the label.
  • Wait at least 24 hours before washing in the machine or drying in the tumble drier.
  • Machine-wash at maximum 90°C.
  • Never place the iron directly on the labels texture.

Caution : be sure your labels are firmly attached to clothes and objects before giving them to young children.

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