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NO JUNK MAIL stickers kit to personalize mail box and buzzer intercom


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Are you tired of your mailbox over-full with all these menus and leaflets? Enough is enough! Today, let's reduce waste together with this kit containing a large NO Junk-Mail sticker to say NO to restaurant menus, leaflets, circulars, etc and also 4 name labels to have your name, your street or flat number on your mailbox and your buzzer intercom. These stickers are perfect for people moving in a new home and every one who needs to identify the mailbox and the buzzer. A huge amount of paper received each year in mailboxes goes to the recycling circle in best case scenario or are simply destroyed when no one rearly read those advertising material. So, let's reduce paper together!

The product

  • Size of the large non personalized NO sticker : ideal for any standard letterbox (153 mm x 50 mm),
  • Size of the Name Labels :  1 rectangular labels without border (45 mm x 15 mm),  1 rectangular labels with border (64 mm x19 mm), two mini labels (51 x 11 mm).
  • Bright text and easy to read message.
  • Durable thick laminated vinyle to resist all weather conditions.
  • Sticky back to easily put in place. 

User experience

  •  Eva never eats takeaways. Not even occasionally. The frequent screeds of unwanted fliers being stuffed into her mailbox were becoming increasingly irritating. Since Eva bought the funny Unicorn stickers from us, she has no more junk through the door. Subsequently, her friends, neighbours and family members always wear a broad smile when passing by. The adhesive sticks well and shows no signs of coming off. A lot more authentic looking than making your own, which I've previously tried with no luck. 


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