Multiple Names - Mini Stick-on name Labels for pencils

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Get a batch of labels with differents texts eon each labels ! You can add as many names and labels as you wish and even choose a specific illustration for each of them. It's also possible to order a different number of labels for each child. These small stick-on name labels are made to be applied on thin tiny items like pen, colored pencils, ballpoint pens, felt pens, tooth brushes etc... The cute drawings on them can help the child to easily identify her or his belongings. Perfect for school groups and summer camps !  Highly resistant to washing machine and micro-waves oven. Size : 50x8mm

Let's personalize your labels!

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Each label can be personalized individually, one by one. Use our online tool to tag the first names and the last names of all the children in your home or community on labels at once. Remember the office supply that never come back to you, or those pen borrowed by mystake by a colleague, we may have the solution to give a chance to any item to be given back to the owner, you or your child!

What's great about this multi-personalization labels ?

  • different names in one set of labels.
  • different illustrations in one set of labels.
  • assign a unique drawing to each child.
  • pick a unique color for each label.

How customers use our labels ?

  • Elisabeth is a teacher in a nursery school. In her class, she has multiple pencil holders with colored pens, felt pens etc available for the children to use during their activities. The classroom is also full of educational and learning toys. But it's difficult to remember which items are for which class. So, she order 60 mini stickers, 20 for each class, red ones for ....


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The sticker must be applied on a clean, dry and relatively smooth surface. Wait at least 24 hours before placing in the dishwasher, freezer, bottle-warmer, etc. Check that your labels are firmly attached before giving the objects / clothing to a young child.

Caution : be sure your labels are firmly attached to clothes and objects before giving them to young children.

What makes our clients happy?
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format A wide range of sizes and shapes
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