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A ready to use planner to organise the week!

Stylish weekly magnetic planners to plan all the menus of your home for a week. You can write on all the meals of the day to help you or your community organise grocery and cooking for the whole week to come. Comes with a water erasable marker. Perfect for families, room-mates and single person. Available in many fashionable models !Jot it all down on this erasable monthly planner so you never forget a thing!  Model Jungle Vibes.

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Planners are essential for managing your time.  


  • A weekly planner (adhesive, removable, erasable)
  • Size of the planning : A3 (29.7 cm x 42 cm / 11.7” x 16.5”)
  • An erasable black pen (Réo).


high quality product, strong with an exceptionally long life. UV Resistant. Can be repositioned during application. Doesn’t leave marks on fridge, may leave some marks on painted walls.


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  • Can be repositioned during application.
  • For writing, use our Réo pen or a whiteboard marker.
  • Erase with a damp sponge (Réo pen) or a dry cloth (whiteboard marker) without leaving any traces.
What makes our clients happy?
resistance Waterproof
illustrations A wide range of designs
format A wide range of sizes and shapes
personnalisation Customization within 3 clicks
cadenas Secure
expedition Free Shipping 48/72H*