24 Erasable/Writable White Round Labels Azulejos(pen included)


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These erasable and rewritable round stickers allow you to write the contents of jars containing homemade baby food, homemade jams, pickles or any lunch boxes and containers, and much more. They are supplied with the clever REO pen. The writing can be wiped out with a damp sponge (use alcohol or polish remover). Handwriting with Reo pen is resistant to freezer, humidity, rubbing and fingerprints, unlike a traditional whiteboard marker pen. Choose your favorite designs ! 

You can also use a wet erase marker (sush as Velleda)

Tips: leave a lovely message to your child on the lunchbox using this label.

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The product

  • 24 erasable writable round labels (5cm x 5cm).
  • A wide range of designs.
  • An erasable black marker pen (Réo pen)
  • Erasable ink: use alcohol or polish remover (Réo pen)


high quality product, strong with an exceptionally long life. Resistance to microwave, fridge, freezer, dishwasher and UV. 


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  • Write with the Reo pen on a dry label.
  • Erase with alcool using a damp sponge (our Réo pen) or a dry cloth (whiteboard marker) without leaving any traces.
  • If you want a more permanent writing, please use a special pen erasable with acetone or any safe recommended chemical.
  • Can be stored in fridge or freezer (only when writing with a dry erase pen like the Reo pen)
  • Erase before washing at high temperatures.

For your information: Unless wet erase markers for whiteboard,  the inclusive Reo pen is highly resistent to humidity.

Why not...

  • ... write the date and the content (baby food, jams, pickles...).
  • ... leave a little message or a drawing on your child’s lunchbox or lunch bag.
What makes our clients happy?
resistance Waterproof
illustrations A wide range of designs
format A wide range of sizes and shapes
personnalisation Customization within 3 clicks
cadenas Secure
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