Child Allergie Bracelet


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This child identification and safety wristband allows you to indicate your child conditions (allergies, food intolerances, diabetes…). Reassuring for parents,  this bracelet will be a effective warning at school, nursery school, daycare,  after-school activities like sport...)
An adult can write the child’s name and parent contact details with a pen and fasten it to the child’s wrist. We strongly advise to use a waterproof pen like ballpoint pen or any permanent one.
Tips: you can make it more defined by applying an allergie name label on, available here.


Suitable for any occasions when your allergic child is under the responsibility of other adults.
During prolonged exposure to sunlight, think about applying sunscreen regularly above an around the bracelet. It is recommended not to wear the bracelet over 10 consecutive hours in order to let the skin breathe.
Good to know:  The fastening system is designed to avoid the child taking it off easily and adapts to small and large wrists alike. The buckle requires a two-hand-grip to open and can therefore not be opened by small children. This feature prevents small children from removing the band themselves.
Durability & Safety
The bracelet is water-resistant, UV resistant and reusable. It is completely non-toxic, free from PVC, latex and all allergy inducing substances, making it safe to use for everyone.


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