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Office Supplies Value Pack
with Personalized Name Labels

44 labels


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No more office supplies hunting ! Get your stuff back !

Because you do not want to be forever running after pens, scissors or staplers borrowed by colleagues, we thought you need this office pack containing a selection of 44 mini and medium-sized office name labels enabling you to identify all your precious things you cherishing the most, available on your desk -mugs, pens, lunch box, cutlery, etc. Tag your signature on your belongings and help them find the way home. A large choice of colorful designs and fonts to help you create the best name labels for the best colleague ever ! ... or just for yourself!!!  In this value pack you get a free sheet of tiny stickers to stick on diary, calendar, organiser, bullet journal... they will point out any dates and appointments to the doctors, movies, parties, sport sessions and more. Easily tag the dates your own way !

Tips : an awesome gift for an awesome colleague !


To identify objects :

  • 12 rectangular name tag stickers (51 x 14 mm)
  • 24 mini/small name tag stickers (49 x 8 mm)
  • 8 round name labels&nbsp (diameter 37 mm)
  • Extra : 2 sheets of useful stickers to decorate your diary, your note book etc.


Our strength: unlike many stickers available online, our stickers are plasticized ensuring higher quality and exceptional durability. Thus, your text will never fade despite numerous bad treatments like friction, direct extended sunlight and watter damage.


Our name labels are highly-resistant to the microwave, fridge, freezer, dishwasher...


Shipping fees are offered from 9£ of purchase (except lunchboxes and water bottle) and packages are shipped within 24/48 hours worldwide. To get more details on delivery, click here. Our name labels are packaged in a convenient pocket book with instructions inside then slipped into an envelope to be delivered directly in your letter box.


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Stickers for objects 

  • The sticker must be applied on a clean, dry and relatively smooth surface.
  • Wait at least 24 hours before placing in the dishwasher, freezer, bottle-warmer, etc.
  • Check that your labels are firmly attached before giving the objects / clothing to a young child.

Caution : be sure your labels are firmly attached to clothes and objects before giving them to young children.

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illustrations A wide range of designs
format A wide range of sizes and shapes
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