Reflective stickers Ludilights to glow in the dark


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We, at Ludilabel always consider safety a priority and have created the Ludilights to let adults and children be seen from drivers when it's dark. They are reflective stickers with original illustrations you can place on school bags, helmets, scooters... by pressing firmly. In the dark, the Ludilights make you visible from cars drivers up to 250 meters distance (usually 30 meters with no reflective device). Use them to get more visibility at twilight when walking or riding scooters and bikes on the way to school, spare-time activities, home... Material meets specification requirements of EN 12899-1 Ra2. Ludilights are also very decorative with cute designs and shapes to add some style to your look. Nice and brite !
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Ludilights is retroreflective, which means it shines right back at you when a light is pointed at it, very much the same ways as street signs shines with car lights.

For more safety on the roads when walking, skating, jogging, biking etc, increase your level of visibilty as well as your children visibilty using our gorgeous and stylish reflector stickers that glow strong in the dark when hit with a light at 250 meters. Easy to apply cut-outs and highly resistant to friction, sunlights (UV), snow and rain (waterproof) ! Put them on bikes, scooters, motobikes, helmets, strollers, wheelchairs, headphones, schoolbags and satchels, bagpacks etc... to be more visible at dawn and dusk. Secure your path and the daily ride of your family with our various models of reflective stick-ons to stand out in the night. Sticks on easy and for good !


Made in EU

Slide the bottom cursor to the right to see the Ludilights glowing:

ludilight night
ludilight day

This kit contains decoratives reflective stickers.

You can choose from different models like :

  • T-rex in the city
  • Alpaga from Peru
  • Unicorn in clouds
  • Spring flowers
  • Sea animals
  • Space trip
  • And more to come !

What's in this set?

  • one sheet of 6 reflective bands, perfect on scooters and bike frames but also on school bag straps.
  • one sheet of original and funny nice cut out shapes to stick on helmet, school bag, clothing, stroller...


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The Ludilight can be applied on dry smooth clean surface by pressing firmly. Make sure the stickers are immovable before letting young age children use devices and clothes.

Tips to be seen at night:

  • wear bright colors clothes.
  • apply some Ludilights on the front and on the back of the bag, the helmet, the bike, the stroller...
  • teach your children to keep their distance from the pavement, and if there is no sidewalk or road verge, to walk on the opposite side of the road to see arriving vehicles.
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